What is healthy living program?

The Healthy Living program offers free movement and weight management classes for parents and young people age 16 and older. Health education: Learn about eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. There is substantial evidence on the role of diet and nutrition, physical activity and exercise, and resilience in preventing and treating chronic diseases and in improving quality of life. Traditional CME courses use an in-person format to educate healthcare providers in these areas.

However, it is a challenge for people to make beneficial behavioral changes in lifestyle, and education alone does not necessarily promote behavior change. This course is both experiential and educational. It is based on the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, a program designed to help people make beneficial lifestyle changes. In this course, attendees learn about lifestyle medicine and actively participate in classes designed to help create a wellness plan.

individualized. Learning in this personal way helps participants advise patients on how to make these same healthy behavioral changes.