Resistance In Color, Part 12: “We Are The Ones We’re Waiting For” (Dr. Lavonne Moore)

Dr. Lavonne Moore is a doctor of nursing practice, the founder and CEO of Chosen Vessels Midwifery Services a subsidiary of Kemet Circle, LLC. In a bid to address health disparities for women of color, she provides training through the Chocolate Milk club offering intimate services such as health counseling, lactation and birth support for all women. The conversation explores breastfeeding as an act of resistance against systems that have created a lack of control for women over their own bodies. Her resistance work is medical activism centered locally on the ground work to create accessible solutions that protect marginalized communities from systems that have often disfavored them. We talk about what individuals need to do to be engaged about their own health and providers on how be culturally informed to ensure patients know how to navigate the health care system in the best serving way.

This episode was recorded on 7/08/2021.

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