Older Adults Programming At NAMI Minnesota, “Gray Matters” Overview With Kay King, Ep. 25

(Recorded 07/03/2018) NAMI Minnesota staff member Kay King gives an overview of the various “Gray Matters” older adults programmingavailable from NAMI Minnesota.

Kay King can be reached via email at kking@namimn.org or by phone at 651-645-2948.

“Gray Matters” is a series of five educational programs available for people who work with older adults. Targeted audiences could include senior workers in assisted living, long-term care facilities, adult day programs, rehab facilities, senior centers and senior housing. Pastoral care, health clinic staff, parish nurses, case managers, Meals on Wheels volunteers, hospice staff and volunteer befrienders are also potential audiences. Gray Matters: Depression is a good first choice for programming if the audience has just beginning knowledge about older adults and mental illness.

Gray Matters: Understanding Depression in Older Adults – 1.5 hour program
Feelings of sadness, loneliness and grief are normal. However, when this sadness is intense, is felt for a long period of time, interferes with our ability to get along with others or to carry out the activities of everyday life…..than it could be depression.
Join NAMI Minnesota to talk about risk factors, warning signs, stigma, treatment, recovery and resources for depression in older adults. Suicide prevention resources will also be discussed.
Depression is not a normal part of aging.

Gray Matters: Understanding Anxiety in Older Adults – 1.5 hour program
Join NAMI Minnesota to talk about anxiety disorders in older adults. You will learn symptoms and risk factors of anxiety disorders in older adults, the different types of anxiety disorders, treatment and management and resources to support older adults living with anxiety.

Gray Matters: Mental Illnesses Co-Occurring with Dementia – 2.5 hour program
Learn the basics of mental illness and dementia as well as the risk factors and warning signs of both disorders in older adults. Join NAMI Minnesota and the Alzheimer’s Association of Minnesota-North Dakota to discuss treatment, management and recovery. You will learn some strategies for working with someone living with both disorders and learn about resources for both conditions.

Gray Matters: Understanding Substance Use Disorders in Older Adults – 2 hour program
Learn why abuse of alcohol, drugs and prescription medications, among older adults, is one of the fastest growing health problems in the U.S. Recognize the negative consequences of improper use or overuse of those substances and identify age-related changes that can elevate an older adult’s sensitivity to their effects. Learn about co-occurring disorders and older adult resources.

Gray Matters: Understanding Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and Borderline Personality Disorder in Older Adults – 2 hour program
Learn the risk factors and warning signs of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder in older adults. Participants will also learn about treatment, management and recovery; learn strategies for working with someone with acute symptoms or emerging symptoms; and learn about suicide prevention resources and other resources for older adults.

Older Adult Mental Health First Aid – 8 hour national certification program (nine hours with lunch and breaks)
Learn basic first aid skills needed to help an older adult who is experiencing a mental health problem or crisis. Learn about common mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders with a focus on older adults. Understanding and recognizing the signs that someone needs help is the first step in getting that person appropriate care and treatment. Participants will receive a course manual and certificate. This nine hour workshop is for individuals seeking basic information on geriatric mental health issues and how to help someone in crisis. It is not intended for professionals who have a background in mental health.  Participants must be present for entire curricula to receive certification.

Kay King can be reached via email at kking@namimn.org or by phone at 651-645-2948.

This episode was recorded on 07/03/2018 at NAMI Minnesota in Saint Paul, MN.

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