DBT/CBT Series, Part 2, Keely Herron’s Personal Experience With DBT

This episode is an interview with Keely Herron (click) who shares her experience of going through DBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and continuing to use DBT skills to help maintain her mental health. Keely is a strategist, marketing communications specialist, and mental health speaker. She lost her father to suicide in 1999 and has contributed to mental health awareness by sharing her personal recovery story through various platforms such as the NAMI In Our Own Voice program and the NAMI Minnesota Speakers Bureau. Keely presented a TEDx Talk (click) titled “Leaving the Cult of Happiness” given at TEDx Jackson Hole in 2017 which has been viewed over 525,000 times as of the publication of this episode in late June 2020. Keely is available for speaking engagements on her personal experience with mental illness, Complex PTSD, suicide, sexual violence, trauma, and invisible disabilities.

You can learn more about Keely and connect with at https://www.keelyherron.com/ which includes links to her TEDx Talk (or listen here) as well as info about a radio show and podcast she co-hosts with Par Wright titled “Opera for Everyone” which makes opera understandable, accessible and enjoyable for a mainstream audience.

Keely’s TEDx Talk, “Leaving the Cult of Happiness” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnovQVRHj5c

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