DBT/CBT Series, Part 1, Dr. Helen Valenstein-Mah, PhD, LP, Assistant Professor, Department Of Psychiatry And Behavioral Sciences

This episode is Part 1 of a series on DBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, as well as touching on CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Included in the series are bits and pieces of how people might maintain mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The series begins with a conversation with a mental health professional and will be followed by future episodes consisting of conversations with people who live with mental illnesses and who have benefited from DBT and CBT.

Dr. Helen Valenstein-Mah (click) is a clinical psychologist who specializes in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and trauma-focused treatments for adolescents and adults. Dr. Valenstein-Mah co-leads the DBT Program in the Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic, through which she provides training and supervision for psychiatry residents, psychology interns, and psychology practicum students.

Dr. Valenstein-Mah’s research interests include treatment development for individuals with PTSD and co-occurring disorders (e.g., substance use disorders, borderline personality disorder). She is also broadly interested in dissemination and implementation science, particularly improving the delivery of evidence-based mental health treatment in large healthcare systems and community settings. As part of this effort, Dr. Valenstein-Mah is interested in evidence-based training and supervision methods for mental health providers.

Visit https://med.umn.edu/bio/psychiatry/helen-valenstein-mah for Helen’s bio and contact information.

Recorded 4/30/2020.

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