10 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day

10. Your Friends and Family Are Concerned About You

Often, our friends and family can see things in us that we can’t, since we’re so close to the situation. If those closest to you are concerned that you’re acting “funny,” or you just aren’t your “happy-go-lucky” self, you’d be wise to listen to them. See if taking a step back lets you recognize if there’s any truth to what those who love you are saying.

If you’re wondering, “Should I take a mental health day?” remember: the answer to that question is more than likely “yes,” or the thought probably wouldn’t be on your mind in the first place. 

If any of our 10 signs you need a mental health day resonate with you, it’s time to get your plan together, choose a day, and present your case to your boss or HR department. You’ll probably be amazed how much even just one day can ease your anxiety at work, reduce your stress level, and change your mood. 

If you find that a day off isn’t enough for you to readjust and reset, you may need a stress leave from work or something more than just work stress may be at play. Don’t wait to get professional help — stress is sometimes unavoidable in life, but there’s a difference between good stress vs bad stress. Too much, or the wrong kind of stress can lead to culminating mental health conditions like depression and anxiety that can worsen over time. The good news is you can turn it around. Therapy can be a game-changer in how you’re able to manage and work through stress in a healthy way that betters all areas of your life. 

Online therapy platforms like Talkspace make getting therapy easier than ever. Convenient, affordable, effective, and accessible mental health professional help is literally at your fingertips. You don’t have to suffer…you deserve to live a happy, fulfilling life, where you know how to control your stress, instead of letting it control you. 

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